Hide your troops from thermovision

Standard camouflage is obsolete

Even a well-camouflaged soldier can be seen through the thermovision or fused imaging.

Normal vision




These technologies pose significant threats to individuals engaged in tactical operations. Thermal imaging devices, commonly known as thermovisions, have the capability to visualize the infrared signature (thermal radiation) emitted by the human body. Concealing these radiation signatures represents one of the most formidable challenges in the realm of modern 'stealth wear.'

Multispectral StealthTex Set

Our solution to stealth wear problem

Night use

Undetectable by thermal cameras at 100 m distance

Day use

Undetectable by thermal cameras at 500 m distance

Custom properties

An IR wavelength blocking setup tailored to your specific needs for tactical use


Whole set fits into a small package that weighs only ~400g


Optional balaclava, gloves, shoe covers and other accesories

Equipment cover

Tailor-made coverage for your military gear incl. vests, barrel covers and more

One of our advantages is simplicity.

Stealth SET in action

Person in jacket only as seen by Police multispectral thermovision (Night, 200m)

Person in coverall (no shoe and hand covernings) as seen by Police multispectral thermovision (Night, 100m)

Person fully dressed as seen by Military thermovision (Day, 12m)

StealthTex material

  • Electromagnetic spectrum blocking (NIR proof)

  • Flame retardant

  • Water resistant (watercolumn > 18 m)

  • Breathable (RET 6-9)

  • Wind resistant

  • Noiseless

One material, endless possibilities

Military vehicles covers

Tailor-made equipment covers

Rifle covers

Ghilie suits

Signal-blocking pouches

Military and tactical tents

Military sleeping bags

Military tarps

Numerous additional applications

StealthText research & development

Many universities, companies and even artists have been unsuccesfully trying different approaches to solve IR shielding of people and objects for the last 15 years. We spent over 5 years with the material development, solved it and we continue to improve StealhTex properties based on real-life use cases.

StealthTex Videos